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Reel Deal: Side shows and oddities | Arts & Culture

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Reel Deal: Side shows and oddities
Reel Deal: Side shows and oddities

When the email first came through I had to look at it twice. Was that a necklace made out of ears? Why yes.. but it was more of a zombie necklace, of course.

So I did a little homework and found out that the necklaces had been made for The Walking Dead video game promotion at Comic Con and then the actual AMC show wanted some as well.

Who knew appendages would be the hot jewelry for 2012?

Anyway, necklaces aside it was actually pretty cool to see all the things that Eric Brown has created.

Everything from Mongolian death worms to shrunken heads. I believe there was also a can of 100% pure unicorn. Hey I was wondering where to find that!

The oddities that line the shelf are interesting and you can't stop looking at them and trying to figure out wheat some of them are. Of course if you are a little squeamish this may not be the place for you to stop.

As Eric explained the underground world of collectors I was amazed. I honestly had no idea that this existed. Hence the reason it is underground right?

Side show collectors are more common than you think. Eric actually learned about it from someone that found his art on the web.

Now Creature Seeker Studios does a lot more than those exhibits. A lot of custom work comes Eric's way and he learns as he goes and creates some of the most unusual creatures that a mind can think of.

He has been traveling to the different conventions like dragon, comic and adventure cons as well as fan boy expo. I honestly have never been to one, but from what I see on Facebook and Twitter, people LOVE these conventions!

Eric says his family is very supportive of his work and his kids are always finding things for him to "zombify" at yard sales.

If you happen to be in the Gatlinburg area you can check out some of his oddities at Make it Magic.

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