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Sign post guides Sevierville couple's prayer life | Families

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Sign post guides Sevierville couple's prayer life
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Sign post guides Sevierville couple's prayer life

Traffic signs help guide our driving, street signs help us find our way, and a special sign in Sevierville helps an East Tennessee couple with their prayer life.

Their daily devotions begin with a hymn followed by scripture study and prayer.

"We get down on our knees right here and we pray," Milton Greer said.

Sunlight pours in from their window while Milton and Jody Greer gaze outside enjoying God's creation. They especially the birds that flock to their bird feeders.

"We can look out and see our birds and their feeding. We have a pretty nice backyard with some flowers we can look at so it's a very peaceful place to sit," Jody Greer said.

Milton Greer explained, "We have a little bird book here and we have listed every bird that we have seen out here and it is unbelievable. We have listed 20 different birds."

A magazine article gave Jody the idea to create a sign outside the window of their Sevierville home.

"My husband was all for it and his favorite color is purple so we painted the post purple. And then we just started from there," she said.

They started adding individual signs to the purple sign post. Each one is a symbol of something or someone dear to them.

"Dollywood where he works. The golf course and just... about our grandchildren," she said.

All of their grandchildren and great grandchildren are represented by their initials. A turtle crossing commemorates one granddaughter finding a turtle nearby. A postal vehicle represents Milton's career with the post office. Another notes they are both Vols fans.

Milton said, "We have pictures of some birds my wife painted. And then it says songs of praise."

Songs of praise begin each day.

A sign points the way to what they value and who they love.

"Down below we have a cross. Jesus is the way," Milton pointed out.

When the Channel 10 crew finished with the story they got a special surprise. Milton made a WBIR sign compete with a peacock. He asked them to sign it and added it to the sign post.

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