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Mountain Cove area still recovering from July 5 storm | News

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Mountain Cove area still recovering from July 5 storm
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Mountain Cove area still recovering from July 5 storm

Mountain Cove marina in Sevierville is still recovering from the $1.2 million in damage it suffered during a July 5 storm, and so is the area around it.

"If it happened a day earlier on July fourth, probably would have been a lot more injury," said Ken Goodman, who manages the Mountain Cove RV Park with his wife, Mary. "The potential was there for a lot more."

He says the the strong winds downed about 30 trees on the campsite, and though hard work has put most of the mess in order the effects are lingering.

"We're probably down a few campers for a holiday weekend," said Goodman. "We probably lost some of the weekend clientele because the campground, a lot of activity at the campground is directly related to the marina."

The marina appears to still have a ways to go. Owners were unavailable for comment Monday.

They've got at least one dock straightened out and pieced back together, but there's still visible debris in the water and wreckage piled up on the rocks.

Surprisingly, one business says their bottom line has benefited from the storm.

The Dam Store sits just  up the road from Mountain Cove Marina, and though they typically service marina boaters with bait and lunch, they say this summer customers included insurance adjusters and curious community members.

And Goodman is hopeful they'll soon be recovered as well.

"Long term I don't think that it will hurt us," said Goodman. "As the marina builds back up and the clientele is back, I'm sure the park will be back to normal."

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