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Rushing water threatens Sevierville home | News

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Rushing water threatens Sevierville home

Getting inside Shirley Doane's house feels like fording a river.

Anything short of knee-high rubber boots will leave the voyager soaked, no matter the route.

Since Wednesday her yard and driveway has turned in to a swiftly moving river, as rain and snow inundated East Tennessee.

"Yesterday morning about 3 o'clock, I looked out and it was coming down the driveway," says Doane.

That's when she knew it was time to sound the alarm.

"I thought, 'What can I do? Who can help me?'"

Her daughter-in-law posted a plea for help on Facebook.

Hours later volunteers from an area church showed up to fortify her home with sandbags. 

"We would be out of the house by now, it would be flooded without their help," says Doane. "It almost came in the front door and it was coming in the back door."

But she says there needs to be a permanent fix.

She was born and raised in the home, and then moved back in when her parents passed it on to her.

It's flooded before she says, but never this badly. She speculates recent construction in the area has rerouted the flow of water underground.

She says her local officials haven't been able to help, because she lives on a state road.

She suspects TDOT's construction on Highway 66 may have contributed to the problem.

Resident Engineer for the project, Jennifer Stone, says she doubts that's the case but TDOT will send someone out Saturday morning to investigate.


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