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Dumplin Creek developers talk interstate funding

Developers of a major retail project near Sevierville say funding for new interstate ramps onto the property are very important.

Neyland Land Associates reached a preliminary agreement to buy the land for Dumplin Creek near exit 407 along I-40.

Managers held a workshop for the public Monday explaining how they hope to pay for a new interstate exit. They're asking the City of Sevierville to pay $4 million for the new roads while applying for another $4 million from the state.

Update: Fire 'mostly out' after rain moves through area

Update 5:50 p.m.

Firefighters say the fire is mostly out, and less than five acres are still burning. They say rain did the job.

Firefighters are being pulled off the mountain. 

A skeleton crew from Forestry, Knox and Roane County will monitor tonight.

Update 4:09 p.m.

Resort owners discuss economic future after fire

The Pigeon Forge fire destroyed nearly half of the cabins at Black Bear Ridge Resort. Fifty-nine out of 138 cabins are beyond repair. 

According to Black Bear Ridge Resort, 90 to 100 people own the cabins.

Joyce Whaley McCarter developed the resort with her brother, starting in 2002. Earlier this week, they finished construction on a couple houses.

Black Bear Ridge Resort spent much of Monday notifying owners on the status of their homes.

Sparkle Days help tourist destination shine

Spring cleaning is underway in one East Tennessee city.

For more than 30 years Gatlinburg has committed city resources to help clean up junk to help the city shine.

During his 13 years with the Gatlinburg Sanitation Department, Ronnie Ogle has come to appreciate his knuckle boom truck.

"It takes the work out of it," Ronnie Ogle said. "It's like you're running something that has this awesome power. It takes the work out of it."

Work is busy this week for Sparkle Days.

Update: Crews extinguish brush fire at Dollywood

Firefighters worked through the night Saturday to extinguish a brush fire on Dollywood's property, and completed operations Sunday morning.

The last of the fire crews left Sunday morning around 7 a.m. Officials said the fire did not damage any of the park's property.

City leaders respond to Dumplin Creek renewal

Sevierville city leaders are reacting to the news that plans may move forward for Dumplin Creek.

It has been more than five years since John Turley, the creator behind Turkey Creek, presented the idea.

Since then, it has remained empty.

Now, Neyland Land Associates, run by father-and-son Joe Fielden and Joe Fielden Jr., has reached a preliminary agreement to purchase the land.

The 200 acre development near I-40 Exit 407 is expected to bring shopping, hotels, restaurants, and possibly a theater.

Couple retired for 18 days then started 2nd career

A couple settled in East Tennessee after retiring and started a new career.

John Baxter said, "I retired the 29th day of February and the 18th day of March we were down here. We're from Ohio. And been here ever since." :

Ever since then they've been in Gatlinburg, a place they've called home for 29 years.

"Actually when we moved down here I was going to do a wood shop in the back I was going to do wood," he said.

John Baxter changed his mind and switched to glass.

He and his wife Donna both took classes to learn their craft.